what women are saying about working with randi:

As a 29-year-old in an executive role with a big team and high-stakes responsibilities, getting pregnant made me anxious about balancing the demands of my job with my desire to be present for my family.

Randi was an incredible coach before, during, and after my maternity leave. She helped me tackle my anxiety, worked with me to develop a strong off-ramp and on-ramp before and after maternity leave, and provided emotional support throughout my baby’s newborn weeks. She is an individualizer who is easily able to see each person’s unique strengths, and her guidance is consistently spot-on.

I credit Randi with my successful transition back to work, and encourage any women in my shoes to get in touch. You’ll be glad you did!
— Kate from Washington, DC
Randi taught me how to better my professional brand, enabling me to achieve multiple promotions in a single organization. She also later helped me make a complete career switch: walking me through how to get my foot in the door in the right places, helping enhance my resume, and giving me strong interviewing tips that I wouldn’t have been able to learn from just a google search.
— Francesca from Washington, DC
Randi is always my go-to resource for career advice:

As a young mother who has successfully switched companies and been promoted in a male-dominated industry, Randi always helped craft my narrative. She also gave me the confidence and tools to ask for promotions and raises. She is excellent at both helping respond to important situations and proactively strategizing the best ways to achieve my goals.

I highly recommend Randi to any woman looking for approachable and practical career advice and I continue to work with her to this day!
— Arielle from Atlanta, GA

Randi Braun is a DC-based career coach who is passionate about working with women. Get in touch: randi@somethingmajorcoaching.com