why does nobody tell you how major your 20s are?

And what a unique combination of hard and important and utterly confusing they are?

Why does nobody tell you about imposter syndrome? Or about the what-am-I-doing-with-my-life-quarter-life-crisis?

Why does nobody tell you how impossibly tempting it is to compare yourself to your peers? Or how scary it is to try something new, like switching industries or careers?

here’s what i learned:

If you can reframe and take control, your 20s can be extraordinary. Even amidst big mistakes, small imperfections, and loads of uncertainty.

They can be an accelerator for your career and foundational for your personal life, too.

This is why i’m so passionate about working with women in their twenties.

It can feel like you're far away from something big. Don't fool yourself. You'll only sell yourself short.

You're on the precipice of something major. Let's get there.