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Randi offers a diverse range of career coaching services, with a particular focus on working with women in their 20s and with women who are growing their careers while growing their families. Randi has helped women achieve the following professional development goals:

  • Career pathing and goal setting

  • Salary, raise, and promotion negotiation assistance and strategy

  • Resume, cover letter, and application review

  • Assistance navigating major work transitions like promotion, finding a new job, switching careers, switching industry, or going back to school

  • Overcoming that “what am I doing with my life” angst

  • Overcoming your “Imposter Syndrome”

  • Assistance navigating career transitions while while pregnant, miscarrying, or as a working mom

  • Maternity leave planning and planning your return to work

  • Interview preparation

  • Networking tips and strategy

  • LinkedIn profile review and strategy