Why me?

I literally ask people for money and have tough conversations for a living:

As a fundraiser-turned-sales-executive it’s my job to get to yes, build relationships, anticipate the objections, imagine every reason why a deal might fall through, and go after a big goal. In short: I’m an expert at negotiating, getting to know new people, and asking people for things.

Throughout my career I’ve generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for some of the country’s most dynamic organizations: from a leading civil rights organization, to one of the world’s most respected media companies, and to a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer company as well. Along the way, I’ve also navigated my own personal transitions.

I’ve navigated the “what am I doing with my life” angst, switched careers, switched industries, discovered pay discrepancies with male co-workers, achieved promotion while pregnant, switched jobs on maternity leave… each one of these milestones was a critical inflection point and each time I was on the precipice of something major. At each juncture I came out happier, more resilient, with stronger relationships, and always (always!) better paid.

Along the way, I started coaching other women to embrace those inflection points, navigate through them thoughtfully and effectively, and ultimately help them achieve their major moment.

I look forward to working with you on your #SomethingMajor moment.